Today we launched the new social community for “GOOD TIMES” star, Bern Nadette Stanis, also known as “THELMA”. Family, I can’t tell you how pleased I am that such a legend in our culture has embraced me and my efforts in this game we call Urban Lit. Our latest run-in was at this years Bronner Brothers Beauty Show, where I made room for Miss Good Times to sign and sell her book, SITUATIONS 101. And folks, I mean to tell YOU, the line DID NOT STOP for this woman.

People are so proud, thrilled and amazed to be in “Thelma’s” presence. They took pictures with her, bought her books, and supported her fully. I never expected something incredible like this to happen in my presence, under a project that I put together; but then again, after this past week and the woman-issues I’ve come across, nothing surprises me anymore!
(Okay, I digress)

So, I ask my Urban Lit family to support our new friend (our life-long friend) Thelma, and to give love to the community that we’ve built and developed for her. It’s got a real nice, funky feel about it. Something that she’s always been for us. Here’s the link: THELMA!